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What Is the Pencil Test for Sagging Breasts?

Excess tissue in the breasts that tends to pull them into a downward trajectory (medically referred to as breast ptosis) is a common cosmetic concern for many women. The drooping appearance can be caused by a variety of factors, including pregnancy and breastfeeding, the natural…

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Can I Get a No-Scar Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation can produce ideal results for women who want more shapely or proportionate breasts. Breast augmentation utilizes the implementation of breast implants that are selected specifically for your goals and needs. At Premier Plastic Surgery and Spa, plastic surgeon John M. Sarbak, MD is…

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Vero Beach Plastic Surgeon Details a “Scarless” Breast Augmentation Technique

Vero Beach, FL plastic surgeon John M. Sarbak, MD provides key information on the TUBA breast augmentation.

Plastic surgeon John M. Sarbak, MD, is the only doctor in Vero Beach, FL to offer the TUBA Breast Augmentation method — he explains why he feels strongly about the benefits of this unique technique. Vero Beach, FL – Dr. John M. Sarbak is the…

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Is TUBA Breast Augmentation Safe?

Close up of breast implants on table during surgery

Breast augmentation, much like any other surgical procedure, comes with its own set of risks. With a highly trained, experienced, and educated plastic surgeon like Dr. John M. Sarbak of Premier Plastic Surgery and Spa, any potential negative side effects from breast augmentation can be…

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What Is TUBA Breast Augmentation?

Woman choosing between two implants at a doctor's office

Breast augmentation is one of the most sought after plastic surgery options available to date. The range of benefits are immense and patients are typically left with improved breast size and shape while being provided with a boost to their confidence. One downside to traditional…

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