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Dr. John M. Sarbak is always on the lookout for the next great anti-aging breakthrough. He believes it is imperative to make sure that the products we offer at our practice are safe, as well as effective. Designed to achieve and maintain a youthful complexion, our skin care products can also serve as an excellent supplement to our laser treatments or other non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments.

Are you curious about which skincare products are ideal for addressing your skin needs? We invite you to schedule a skin consultation with the experienced estheticians at our Aesthetic Center. After a thorough evaluation of your skin, our estheticians can recommend products that align with your skin type and help you achieve your healthiest, most beautiful skin. Whether you are interested in products for daily use or specialty products to correct a particular skin condition, our estheticians have incredible product knowledge and can connect you with a perfectly suited skincare regimen.

Our Approach to Personalized Skin Care

Dr. John Michael Sarbak talks about the VIP skin care treatments that he and his staff offer to their patients – in an effort to sort through gimmicks and fads.

Face Reality™ Skincare

Face Reality Skincare offers a comprehensive acne-clearing skin system that is proven to resolve most types of acne typically within three to four months. These clinical-grade products are customized to suit your skin type—dry, normal, oily, or sensitive—as well as target the specific type of acne you are experiencing. Your customized treatment with Face Reality Skincare is managed and administered by our estheticians who are Face Reality Certified Acne Specialists. Following a skin evaluation, your esthetician will design a personalized skincare regimen to get your acne under control. Bi-monthly skin treatments at our Aesthetic Center are also integrated into your plan to facilitate more rapid improvement.

IMAGE Skincare®

IMAGE skincare products deliver noticeable results using smart botanicals, high-performance ingredients, and advanced skincare technology. The IMAGE skincare line of products provides effective treatment against a wide array of common skin concerns—including fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, dullness, dryness, irritation, and uneven skin tone—to achieve healthier, more youthful-looking skin. IMAGE skincare also provides products that are ideal for use following skin treatments—such as laser resurfacing, IPL, and chemical peels—to optimize and maintain results.


Advanced SkinMedica products are designed to deliver optimal results based on years of scientific research performed by skin biologists and formulation scientists. Each product and innovative ingredient is formulated to work with your skin’s natural healing properties to create your healthiest, most beautiful skin. From anti-aging and post-treatment skincare to sun protection, SkinMedica offers a comprehensive range of products aimed at utilizing scientific advancements for radiant, youthful-looking skin.


The SkinCeuticals line of science-backed skincare products focuses on prevention, protection, and correction of skin concerns to maintain and improve skin’s health and appearance. Whether you are interested in reversing visible signs of skin aging, maintaining healthy skin, or protecting against future skin damage, SkinCeuticals offers a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art products that are suitable for use with all skin types. Nourish and transform your skin with a regimen of SkinCeuticals products selected for your specific skin type and unique skin concerns.

Roccoco Botanicals

Roccoco Botanicals is an Australian skincare company that utilizes effective, yet still gentle,  natural ingredients to provide comprehensive skin care for even the most sensitive and acne-prone skin types. The majority of Roccoco Botanicals’ products contain 85 to 100% pure botanical ingredients, which deliver noticeable change and rejuvenation for all skin types. The products in the Roccoco Botanicals line are formulated to target many common skin concerns, including acne, aging, black heads, pore congestion, dry skin, eczema, uneven pigmentation, redness, and sensitivity.

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