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Fat Grafting (Fat Transfer)

Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer, can repurpose fatty tissue from one area of the body in order to enhance the appearance of another. At Premier Plastic Surgery, our team offers fat transfer procedures that most frequently target the breasts, buttocks, and face. Fat grafting can provide natural enhancement as an alternative to other surgical procedures designed to target those parts of the body but are generally more invasive and involve more risks.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is the process of removing fat via liposuction from one part of the body in order to utilize it for volume enhancement and/or rejuvenation elsewhere. The removed fat is carefully purified, then strategically injected into the targeted area. Generally, fat transfer is utilized to address volume loss and general aesthetic concerns in various areas of the body. With the removed fat, areas such as the breasts, face, or buttocks can receive a significant boost in volume, shape, and overall youthful appearance. Another benefit of fat grafting is that the donor area can be recontoured through the removal of excess, unwanted fatty tissue.

What Are My Fat Grafting Options? 

At Premier Plastic Surgery, patients can utilize a fat grafting procedure to enhance virtually any area of the body, but the most popular options include the breasts, buttocks, or face. Patients can utilize excess unwanted from virtually anywhere on their body, as well. Areas such as the flanks, thighs, tummy, or buttocks are common donor areas.

Fat Transfer to the Breasts

As an alternative to traditional surgical breast augmentation, a minimally invasive fat transfer that targets the breasts can provide enhancement without the need for inserting silicone or saline breast implants. Following a breast fat transfer, breasts should appear larger, fuller, and have a more pronounced shape. The recovery from this procedure is generally much faster than breast augmentation surgery, as well. 

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks

For individuals looking to enhance the shape or restore volume lost in their buttocks, fat transfer can be an ideal solution. While some may find success toning their buttocks through traditional exercises, others may have more difficulty achieving these results. In these cases, fat transfer can provide a natural way to improve the overall shape and firmness of their buttocks.

Fat Transfer to the Face

Similar to buttocks and breast fat transfer procedures, facial fat grafting can serve as a more natural alternative to facelifts and cosmetic injectables. For those who want to address areas of their face that have lost volume over the years, transferring repurposed fat from other areas of the body can produce youthful and vibrant results.

How Is Fat Transfer Performed?

Each fat transfer procedure will be uniquely tailored to the patient. Using liposuction, fat transfer procedures involve harvesting fat from a donor area in order to enhance a different part of the body. Once the removed fat is purified, it is then injected into the targeted region to restore volume. The fat that is being repurposed serves as a natural form of a “filler.” Instead of using popular cosmetic injectable treatments, the fat from your own body can serve as a natural alternative that can produce excellent results. Some of the fat that is transferred will likely be naturally absorbed by the body, causing some initial loss of volume, but the fat cells that remain can provide long-lasting and natural-looking results. Experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Sarbak take great care to calculate this expected volume loss when transferring fat to the desired area, helping to ensure the best possible results.

How Long Does Fat Transfer Last?

As mentioned above, there is typically an initial loss of transferred fat cells because some of the fat will gradually be metabolized and broken down by the body. The fat cells that “take” and do not break down can have long-lasting results. Each fat grafting procedure will vary from patient to patient, and the number of fat cells that are absorbed can differ, too. The fat cells that remain should establish a blood supply and become a permanent part of the treated area. Individuals can also utilize a follow-up fat transfer to optimize their results.

What Are the Results of Fat Transfer Procedures?

The results from a fat transfer will vary based on your needs, the type of transfer utilized, and the number of fat cells that ultimately become permanent. Generally speaking, your results from a fat transfer can enhance the overall appearance of the targeted area, add or restore volume to that area, reverse some signs of aging, provide improved shape, and/or provide desired augmentation and contouring. Patients often enjoy the dual benefits that fat grafting can provide through addressing aesthetic concerns in both the donor area(s) and targeted region(s). Furthermore, the results are often long-lasting and natural-looking.

How Much Does a Fat Transfer Cost?

The cost of a fat transfer will depend on a multitude of factors that include your aesthetic goals, the type of fat transfer performed, and the amount of fat being repurposed. At Premier Plastic Surgery, patients typically choose fat transfer to the face, buttocks, or breasts. Due to the various levels of customization this procedure offers, each fat grafting procedure will likely incur a different cost. Following your initial consultation when a comprehensive plan can be developed to meet your needs, our team can provide you with a personalized cost estimate. 

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