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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

A precise, well-planned rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can bring about some of the most dramatic improvements that facial plastic surgery has to offer. Your plastic surgeon’s goal is to create harmony not just with the nose, but also between your nose and the rest of your facial features, such as the cheeks, jaw, and chin. In order to accomplish this goal, systematic facial analysis is critical.

When performing rhinoplasty, Dr. Sarbak draws from his experience as a resident, where he underwent extensive training in cranio-facial surgery involving facial reconstructions following trauma, tumor excisions, and to address congenital deformities. By utilizing his background in reconstructive surgery, he is able to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals with the most natural-looking, balanced facial results.

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Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Many candidates for nose surgery choose to undergo the procedure for cosmetic reasons. Rhinoplasty can be used to resize, reshape, and contour the nose with beautiful results while keeping a natural appearance. Although the best way to determine your candidacy for rhinoplasty is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, most patients typically seek one or more of the following improvements:

For plastic surgeons to achieve these enhancements without the nose looking “overdone,” they use a combination of skill, experience, and an artistic sensibility about facial aesthetics. Some of our patients have had an unsatisfactory rhinoplasty experience with another plastic surgeon and seek out our plastic surgeon’s expertise to attain their initial cosmetic goals. With a revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Sarbak can create a surgical plan that enhances the shape of the nose, addresses the patient’s remaining concerns, and takes into account prior incisions, contouring, and scar tissue.

In some cases, structural issues within the nose may inhibit the ability to breathe easily. For these patients, rhinoplasty can be performed to correct breathing problems and improve nasal airflow. This type of rhinoplasty is medically referred to as septorhinoplasty, and oftentimes this procedure is covered under the patient’s health insurance plan.

Consultation for Rhinoplasty

During your initial consultation, Dr. Sarbak will perform an examination to see how your nose looks in relation to your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Is the overall appearance harmonious? Then, he determines where your nose starts (the takeoff point), and decides how that fits in with your eyes and forehead. He checks the contour of the dorsum, looking for contour irregularities (humps and bumps), and asymmetries from one side to the other. The length, width, and angles of separation from the face and lower part of the nose are also assessed. Then, it’s estimated how much the underlying bone and cartilage are each contributing to what we are seeing on the outside.

Next, Dr. Sarbak evaluates the tip of the nose checking the shape, the nostril size, its width, its projection, and how well it aligns with the upper part of the nose and the lip below. Sometimes you can have a muscle at the base of the nose that causes your nasal tip to go down every time that you smile. An intranasal exam (looking inside the nose) allows your plastic surgeon to assess the nasal septum (cartilage that divides the sides of the nose) and breathing passages.

Dr. Sarbak uses the information collected in conjunction with photographic evaluation from six different angles to factor in your goals, take into account what can be realistically accomplished, and determine your candidacy for the procedure. If you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon will custom-design an operative plan to discuss with you.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Each rhinoplasty is customized to meet the individual needs and goals of the patient. In addition to the unique dynamic of the patient’s facial features, factors that may influence the surgical plan may include skin type, thickness of the skin, ethnicity, and age. Dr. Sarbak takes care to conceal the incisions for rhinoplasty around the edge of the nostrils or inside of the nose to greatly minimize any visible scarring. After the incisions are made, the bone and cartilage can be contoured and reshaped to create a symmetrical nose that enhances the patient’s facial harmony. If rhinoplasty is being performed to improve the function of the nose, your plastic surgeon will correct any structural concern that may be impeding proper breathing. Depending upon the complexity of the procedure, a rhinoplasty can typically be completed within two to three hours.

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

Immediately following rhinoplasty surgery, patients can expect mild swelling, soreness, and bruising. To manage any discomfort during this stage of recovery, oral pain medication can be used. These side effects typically begin to resolve within a few days, and patients often return to work after one week. Our plastic surgeon recommends that patients avoid any strenuous physical activity for several weeks. Any residual swelling will continue to dissipate over the next several months, at which time the final results of the procedure should be apparent.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Since every rhinoplasty is fully tailored to the needs of the patient, there is no fixed price for the procedure. Common factors that influence the price of rhinoplasty include: the type of rhinoplasty, complexity of the surgical plan, hospital and anesthesiologist fees, the experience of the plastic surgeon, and the geographic location of the practice. Septorhinoplasty, or rhinoplasty performed to improve the function of the patient’s breathing, may be covered under your health insurance plan. In these cases, a member of our staff may be able to assist you in navigating your insurance benefits. Patients who are qualified applicants may also take advantage of our plastic surgery financing options, if desired.