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Breast Procedures

Breast Augmentation continues to be one of the most requested surgical procedures at Premier Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, John M. Sarbak, MD, is known for his balanced approach where he provides a focused range of implant choices designed to fit in well with and complement the rest of the body.

Every patient is unique. Just take a moment to consider the differences in breasts. There are almost an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Some are symmetrical but most are are least slightly different, some markedly so. Breasts can be wider than they are tall or just the opposite. There can be differences in nipple locations. Some women have more skin and / or breast tissue than others. The strength, thickness, size and location of the chest muscles can significantly effect the overall breast shape both before and after implants. Sometimes during periods of weight gain or loss skin can develop stretch marks which essential signals a loss of its elastic qualities. This condition as well as gravity needs to be factored into the long-term plan. Previous pregnancy(ies) or surgeries can significantly influence the above parameters. There are situations where inconsistencies within the underlying rib cage or even posture can influence the patient’s surgical results.

Dr. Sarbak takes all of these factors and more into consideration before recommending the most ideal implant type, style, size, and position. Next, he helps the patient decide upon the surgical approach that best fits her own unique situation. In some situations he may recommend a mastopexy (breast lift).

We are here to educate. The final decision in all of these areas is up to each individual patient.

Dr. Sarbak is proficient in and has performed all of the different surgical approaches including: inframammary, areolar, axillary, and umbilical.

Breast Procedures