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Can Tummy Tuck Restore My Pre-Baby Midsection?

Woman smiling in gym outfitWhile motherhood is a beautiful gift, it’s no secret that pregnancy and childbirth can bring about changes in the body that are often considered less than desirable. In particular, many mothers experience excess skin, buildups of fat, and stretched or torn muscles in the abdomen. These concerns are sometimes so stubborn that even vigorous exercise and a strict diet cannot reverse the effects.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, John Sarbak, MD, offers advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments for mothers who want to restore their pre-baby midsection. His years of experience and profound knowledge of human anatomy help him consistently produce results that can dramatically enhance the figure while still appearing natural. These are some of the treatments he generally recommends to contour the post-baby abdomen:

Dr. Sarbak and the rest of our team at Premier Plastic Surgery & Spa take joy in helping mothers restore their pre-pregnancy physique. To learn more about your surgical and non-surgical options, schedule a consultation at our practice today.