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How Can I Reduce Signs of Facial Aging with Non-Surgical Skin Treatments?

Satisfied adult woman breathing fresh air holding a coffee cup standing outdoors in the parkAlthough men and women usually start to notice wrinkles forming during their thirties and forties, signs of aging can become visible as early as a patient’s late twenties. A culmination of factors — including decreased collagen production, prolonged sun exposure, and lifestyle habits (smoking, poor diet, etc.) — can reduce volume and support for the skin, making you look older than your actual age. Fortunately, there are many cosmetic treatments available to help conceal premature facial aging without surgery. With the right treatment plan, non-surgical facial rejuvenation can combat volume loss, wrinkles, facial creases, discoloration, and skin inelasticity, among other common skin imperfections. 

While a consultation is necessary to determine the most ideal treatment for your skin type and unique needs, our team has provided a brief primer on the services that can address the most obvious signs of facial aging: 

Our team of experienced skincare professionals can carefully examine your concerns and suggest an optimal solution to achieve your desired look. The treatments offered by our plastic surgeon in Vero Beach utilize only the most advanced techniques in cutting-edge, minimally invasive aesthetic technology. Contact Premier Plastic Surgery & Spa today to learn more or to book your appointment.