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Advantages of the NeoGraft Hair Transplant Procedure

HairNeoGraft™ is a revolutionary technique in hair transplantation. It uses a very precise technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE), which harvests each individual hair follicle separately without the need for large incisions. The donor sites are only as large as the hair follicles themselves so that when they heal, the harvest is essentially imperceptible. NeoGraft™ has come up with advanced instrumentation that makes this process time efficient and, therefore, practical to perform large-volume procedures within a single, in-office session. Utilizing traditional methods of hair restoration, this same procedure would have taken several days.

In addition to its efficient and advanced nature, the NeoGraft™ technique significantly improves the recovery process. Patients typically have little no discomfort, do not need stitches or staples, will not have a linear scar, and can expect natural-looking results they are proud to show off.

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