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Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Amy Simon, MD, FACS

Dr. Amy Simon is the newest member of the team at Premier Plastic Surgery & Spa. Her specialized experience in advanced breast surgery, body contouring techniques, and mommy makeover procedures make her an incredible asset to our practice and patients. We invite you to learn all about Dr. Simon and her amazing career as a top female plastic surgeon:

Meet Dr. Simon

Plastic surgeon Amy Simon, MD, FACS (formerly Dr. Ortega) has more than 20 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and she is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In her years of practice, Dr. Simon has become sought after for cosmetic surgery procedures that focus on enhancing the breasts and contouring the body. She is highly trained in the SPAIR short-scar technique, which offers women a way to lift and/or reduce the breasts with minimal scarring. Her other specialized offerings include highly personalized body contouring procedures for women who want to restore their pre-baby figure (mommy makeovers) and patients with excess skin following significant weight loss. Dr. Simon loves what she does and enjoys being able to connect with patients and helping them achieve renewed confidence through changes in their appearance.

Dr. Simon’s approach to plastic surgery emphasizes safety and the importance of centering on each patient’s unique needs and goals. For Dr. Simon, the consultation process is a vital step in ensuring the right path forward for each patient. During consultations, she listens closely and compassionately to patients’ concerns and encourages open communication. Through this process, she is able to accurately assess their needs and develop a treatment plan custom-designed to meet, and even exceed their expectations. She understands that the choice to undergo plastic surgery is a serious decision and, as such, she dedicates time to earning patients’ trust through comprehensive education, realistic expectations, and honest discussion.


Dr. Simon received her medical degree from University of Texas Medical Branch. She then went on to complete an advanced, five-year residency program, which combined training in general surgery as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery. Next, Dr. Simon completed two fellowship programs, earning her the distinction “double-fellowship trained”. Her first fellowship was in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery at the Center for Breast and Body Contouring in Michigan. There she received extensive training in the SPAIR short-scar breast surgery—a unique approach that reduces scarring and creates a more natural shape in breast lift and breast reduction procedures. The second fellowship Dr. Simon completed was a cosmetic surgery fellowship at Pace’s Plastic Surgery, which is associated with Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Simon’s extensive training in plastic and reconstructive surgery has helped shape her extraordinary skill in the procedures she performs. Her level of experience and knowledge makes her a leader among those in her field. Dr. Simon’s current academic interests include clinical research in breast lift surgery, breast reduction surgery, and ultrasonic liposuction.

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Outside of her professional career, Dr. Simon enjoys a meaningful, well-balanced life filled with friends, family, and rewarding activities. She enjoys gardening and playing piano, as well as nurturing personal relationships and relaxing. Dr. Simon adores her chihuahua, Blanca, who is all of three pounds and thinks she runs the house (ok she does).

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