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How Can I Maximize Fat Survival After Fat Transfer?

For many patients, fat grafting (fat transfer) is an effective body contouring solution. The procedure involves transferring fatty tissue from one area of the body to another to address volume loss and desired cosmetic enhancements. Commonly performed on the breasts, buttocks, and face, fat grafting is utilized via liposuction. While treatment plans may vary from patient to patient, the procedure usually starts with harvesting fat from a “donor area” that will then be used in a different body region. After the removed fat has been purified, it is then injected as a “natural filler” into the target area to enhance and restore volume. Not all the transferred fat will survive, but there are several things that patients can do to help maximize fat survival after the procedure.

At Premier Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, board-certified plastic surgeon John M. Sarbak, MD and his team understand how fat grafting can boost a patient’s confidence and effectively contour their body. Dr. Sarbak takes great care in providing patients with top-quality service and desired results. With fat transfer, Dr. Sarbak suggests a variety of aftercare instructions that can help transferred fat survive in its new area.

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